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Duncan B. Ackerman, MD
ACP North Dakota Chapter
David B. Alexander
John R. Alger, MD
David B. Almquist
Thomas P. Anderson, MD
Thomas F. Arnold, MD
Paul D. Avritt, MD
James A. Bachmeier, MD
Anthony D. Barclay, MD
Patricia A. Basye
Christopher A. Bates, MD
C. Gottfried Baumann, MD
Tom and Jesica Baumgartner
David D. Beck, MD
Bruce E. Becker, MD
Gretchen G. Belzer-Curl, MD
Doyle D. Bender, MD
Becky K. Benz, MD
Alan R. Berg, MD
Bryce D. Berg
Michael A. Bergom, MD
Dr. Lyle and Susan Best
Dr. Laurie and Brad Betting
Kimberly M. Bigelow, MD
Paul R. Bilstad, MD
Brian and Karen Bjella
Harold A. Bjork, MD
Kris M. Bjornson, MD
Jane M. Bjornstad
Jerome M. Blake, MD
Richard D. Blevins, MD
Drs. Joy Bliss and Gay Dybwad
Jeffrey A. Block, MD
W. Allan Boade, MD
Jodi and Scott Boettner
Glen A. Bolliger, MD
Robert P. Boman, MD
Elizabeth J. Borgert
Teresa J. Brady, PhD
Charles J. Breen, MD
Terri and Mark Brenner
Dr. Dean and Margo Bruschwein
Dr. William and Marion Buckingham
Gail M. Buhler
Dr. Joseph and Rebecca Burns
Gary O. Camp
Dr. Carol and Richard Carani
Dr. Joseph and Torri Carlson
John and Florence Carnago
Donna M. Carr
Drs. Paul and Janine Carson
Kristina K. Carter
Omar C. Chahal
Dr. Scott and Laurie Charette
Dr. Thomas and Marilyn Christianson
Clement Chun-Ming, MD
Sarah R. Churchill
Stephen M. Clancy, MD
Stephen M. Clifford, MD
Charles M. Colwell, MD
Kay Cooper
Dr. Gerald and Lu Cotton
Michael A. Covlin, MD
William L. Cowardin, MD
Chaun C. Cox, MD
Russell S. Crawford, Jr, MD
Dr. Thomas and Nancy Cruden
Mary and Wayne Dahl
Dr. Richard and Amelia Daniels
Mark S. Daugherity
Janice and Clifford d'Autremont
Kathryn and Herbert Debban
Janice Devine-Ruggles
Carol W. Diehl
John A. Doerner, MD
Laleah and James Ebentier
Rhonda J. Eckhart
Dr. Carol Eidsvoog and David Spencer
Dr. Robert and Grace Ellis
Dr. David and Lois Engbrecht
Face and Jaw Surgery P.C.
Daniel J. Flaherty, MD
Ellen and Mitchell Forstie
Dr. Richard and Julie Fraser
Adrian J. Fretland
Dr. Erik Furman and Maria Alarcon
Susan J. Gallo, MD
Linda Gehrke
Dennis A. Gillette
Dr. John and Karen Gilsdorf
Dr. Thomas and Jean Glasscock
Steven K. Glunberg, MD
Dr. Reinhold and Joan Goehl
Jason P. Graff, MD
Bethany J. Grommesh, MD
Donald and Sharon Gross
Dr. Robert and Rosanne Gunderson
Gary Guscette
Michael C. Hagan, MD
James D. Haigh, MD
Dorothy A. Halliday
Dr. Wesley H. Hanson
Robin T. Hape, MD
Dr. J. Raymond and Jean Harrie
JoEllen K. Harris
Mark B. Hart, MD
Dr. Theodore and Terese Harwood
Dr. Robert and Jane Heen
Dr. Randal and Norma Heinz
Jolene K. Heitmann
Dr. Richard and Donna Helm
Robert E. Hieb, MD
Warren J. Hintz, MD
James A. Hockenberry, MD
Kim and Juanita Hocking
Gregory J. Hofer
Jennifer and Jerry Hoffarth
Dr. Thomas and Cindy  Hogan
Homestead Physical Therapy, PC
Beth Ann Honl, MD
Jerret K. Hopstad
Paula I. Horab
Chad and Suzanne Hornbacher
Drs. Edwin and Janet House
Julie and David Hoverson
Janae M. Hughes
David E. Humphrey, MD
Susan C. Hustad, MD
Dr. Glen and Sandra Hyland
Valerie A. Iacovangelo
Jack R. Isler, MD
Bonnie and Dale Iverson
Lori and Mark Jahraus
John B. James, MD
Dr. Andrew Jamieson and Pamela Fellows Jamieson
Dr. Warren and Cindy Jensen
John C. Johnson, MD
Douglas and Lisa Johnson
Dr. James and Barbara Johnson
Randall and Marcia Johnson
Paul E. Johnson, MD
Charles K. Jones, MD
David K. Jose, MD
Donna and Donald (dec) Juelke
Dr. Sandra R. Jungwirth
Judith A. Jury
Dr. Bruce and Cynthia Kaldor
Thomas D. Kaspari, MD
Curtis L. Keller, MD
Michael J. Kelly, MD (dec)
David M. Kemp, MD
Kurt R. Kerry
Dr. Kenneth and LeAnn Kihle
Todd M. Kihne, MD
Christine and Dr. Paul Kilzer
Ronald K. Kjos, MD
Clayton H. Klakeg, MD
Drs. Gerda and Robert Klingbeil
Larry D. Knutson
Dr. L. M. Knutson and G. L. Soderberg
Kenneth Korn
Terry J. Kovacevich
Gregg R. Kovacs, DO
Michael and Denise Kroke
Katie J. Krumwiede, MD
Anne L. Lambert, MD
David Lambeth and Cecilia Volden
Ernest N. Langelier
Dr. Elwood E. Largis
Richard D. Larson, MD
Thomas K. Larson, MD
Kari Fulp Lawrence, MD
Dr. Larry and Mary Leadbetter
Robert L. Leegard, MD
Dr. Larry D. Legacie
Dennis and Carolyn Lehmann
Jack E. Leigh, MD
Cecil M. Leitch, MD
Dr. Donald and Donna Levi
Jackson W. Lind, MD
Paul R. Lipscomb, Jr, MD
Douglas J. Loberg, MD
Elizabeth Wentz Loder, MD
Claudia B. Loll
John D. Loucks, MD
Donald H. Luecke, MD
Dr. Heather and Christopher Lundeen
Paul J. Lysne, MD
Steven C. Maier, MD
Sonja C. Mammola
Dr. Philip and Heidi Marin
Dr. Richard and Beth Marsden
Erling D. Martinson, MD
Robert D. McBane, MD
Stephen and Cathryn McCain
Dr. Donald and Joann McIntyre
Jerry L. McLain, MD
Dr. Mark and Erika Meier
Marsha Meiners
Roger W. Melvold
Dr. David and Patricia Mersy
Roberta M. Meyers, MD
Dr. Kristi and Sam Midgarden
Dr. Michael and Vickie Milde
Nadine R. Miller
Jodi L. Moore
John C. Moore, MD
Dr. Dennis E. Morse
James Munn, Jr., MD and Sallie Munn (dec)
JoAnn and John Muus
ND Physical Therapy Assn.
Dr. Candice and Skip Nelson
Carol J. Nelson, MD
G. Eileen Nelson
Sally A. Nelson
Dr. James and Darcy Neumann
Melody G. Neumiller
Drs. James and Myrna Newland
Dr. Gary and Diana Newland
Dr. William and Virginia Newman
Dr. Don and Bonnie Nicolson
Sarah K. Nielsen
Louis A. Noltimier, MD
Drs. Jon Norberg and Alonna Knorr
Dr. Mark and Rebecca Odland
Dr. Gerald and Julie Oehler
Dr. Gyman and Violet Okeson
Dr. Dwayne A. Ollerich
Dr. James and Mary Olson
Dr. Robert and Jeanine Olson
Dr. Charles and Ruth Ormiston
Dan J. Ostergaard, MD
Arnold J. Overland, MD
Dr. John and Ann Pate
Susan M. Paul
Steven Q. Paulson, MD
Dr. Rick and Debbie Paulson
Lila and Melvin Pedersen
Ronald and Mary Beth Peterson
Dr. James C. Pettersen
Howard R. Pirch, MD
Stacy A. Plencner
Elizabeth B. Proctor
Anne and David Putbrese
Dr. Dean Quigley and Melissa Roth
Karen Rasmusson, MD
Dr. Paul and Annette Ray
Linda Weston Redfern
Maridell H. Reid
Douglas J. Renton, MD
John D. Rhoades, MD
Jamyne O. Richardson
Paul H. Richter, MD
Margaret E. Rick, MD
Dr. John and Janet Ries
Suzanne R. Roemmich
Leon and Mae Rollin
John N. Roseberg, MD
Andrea M. Rudser
Dr. John and Julie Saiki
Donald W. Sand, MD
Rodney H. Sanders
Susan J. Sanders
William O. Sarette, MD
Stanley G. Sateren, MD
Trisha and Rick Sather
Dr. William and Sue Sausker
Edward R. Sauter, MD, PhD
Carmen M. Schall
Dr. F. M. and Dolores Schammel
Gayle A. Schantzen, MD
Sarah L. Schatz, MD
Doreen F. Scherr
James and Judy Schill
Dr. Richard and Belita Schindler
Rodger K. Schmid
Col. Dorothy F. Schneider
Dr. Mark and Jill Sczepanski
H. Pat and Janet Seaworth
Dr. Robert and Carol Seim
Marlene J. Severson, MD
John W. Shore, MD
Robert W. Simpson
Marta E. Sivitz, MD
Michael F. Slag, MD
Clyde W. Smith, MD
Eris and Roger Smith
Philip S. Sondreal, MD
Lori A. Sondrol, MD
Roger W. Sorenson, MD
Gustav E. Staahl, Jr, MD
John D. Stageberg, MD
Dr. Thorlief and Karen Stangebye
James J. Steidler, MD
Dr. Betsy and Lynn Stephenson
KyleeAnn S. Stevens, MD
Kent L. Stortroen
Sarah B. Strand, MD
Dr. Rudolf and Patricia Strnot, Jr
Dr. Adam and Stephanie Suedel
Andrea J. Swenson, MD
Richard and Joyce Swenson
R. Wayne Taintor, MD
Jean K. Tandy
William G. Tarnasky, MD
Dr. John and Mary Tate
Dr. Robert and Rebecca Tello
Steven B. Thom, MD
Kristi and Mark Thoma
Dr. Kenneth D. Thompson
Robin D. Thompson, MD
Dr. James and Mary Kathryn Thompson
Dr. Christopher and Lori Tiongson
Denise Laqua Tonner, MD
Dr. Terry and Jan Torgenrud
Arleigh R. Trainor, MD
Gail and Hans Tronnes
David A. Vagneur, MD
Sharnell R. Valentine, MD
Dr. Gary and Vicki Van Heuvelen
Mary Ellen Barber Vaughan
Omar M. Vein
Dr. Robert and Leslie Veitch
Dr. Richard and M. Anne Vick
Vernon E. Wagner
Dr. Adolf and Helen Walser
Donald and Jane Walstad
Dr. Michael and Strawberry Walter
Drs. Joel and Hayley Walz
Troy F. Wangler
Peggy S. Wardius
David A. Watkin, MD
Le Ann R. Watson
Glen R. Weight, MD
Maria L. Weller, MD
Dr. Bob and Aurla Welo
Dr. Richard and Paula Wenham
Kevin L. Wentz
Laurie A. Werner, MD
Dr. Sheri and Ken Williams
Wayne H. Wirtz, MD
Dr. David and JoAnn Woeste
Terrie Jo and Stephen Wold
Dr. Jerry and Janice Wolf
Thomas E. Wyatt, MD
Bruce R. Wymore, MD
Terrence and Barbara Yearty
Dean M. Yoshimoto
Carla J. Zacher, MD
Shirley Zahradka
Douglas M. Zerbe, MD
Gayle S. Wischow Zerkel
Dr. Rodney and April Zimmerman
Kory J. Zimney
John D. Zurn, MD